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Knowing how much to invest in each investment program is one of your first keys to long-term financial success

Correctly investing for your needs and goals based on your time frame likely takes more than one investment & portfolio strategy. Remember the phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” This simplified illustrator from Creative Financial Designs, Inc. is our Investment Bucket Illustrator that helps advisers and clients visually see the concept of investing over multiple strategies. This illustrator is meant for starting the conversation and not specific to any risk or strategy recommendations.

How many "Buckets" would you like to consider for your overall investment plan? (Addional strategies can be used for each bucket especially for larger investable assets)
Select the solution below that best fits the needs. Standard percentages for 2 Buckets are 20% Conservative and 80% Growth. Standard percentages for 3 Buckets are 10% Conservative, 30% Conversion, and 60% Growth.

This Investment Bucket Illustrator is meant as a very high level illustrator and not specific to any investment, investment strategy, etc. recommendations. The goal of this illustrator is to help visualize the concept of using multiple ‘buckets’ to invest based on your goals, needs and time frame along with amounts the client and adviser think work the best for each client. Two or even three ‘buckets’ may not be right for you. Talk with your adviser about all your financial needs and read all prospectuses and literature before investing.

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